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This journey begins here

FotoRocket will hopefully one day be many things, but right now it is simply my blog to document an upcoming trip to Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia. I have been to many places. Have a look at my website to see where. But this journey really begins here:

Yea, it’s a little glum, depressing and gray, but life often is. That’s the city of Buffalo through the window. Where I was born. My travels had been on hold for a few years as my father became ill. He left this hospital to go home and slowly die. We took great care of him in his last days, and now, he is gone. I am back from Buffalo. Out of the cold. Out of there. But Durham is not enough. A little cleansing is in order. A little rejuvenation.

Now that Barak Obama is on his way to setting things right in the good ole USA (here he is in Raleigh, in April) maybe it’s safe for me to leave the country for a bit.

So Saturday it’s off to Japan.