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The Polar Express

You might think that to get to Japan via New York (where I flew through) you would fly over the Pacific Ocean. But actually to make this long flight, well, fly, they do this sensible thing and fly the shortest path, which in this case took m right over the Arctic NORTH of Alaska and through Siberia. It was a very weird and desolatetete landscape all covered in snow with no signs of human habitation.

So lucky for me the flight was only 13 hours! Problem was we were flying so fast that the sun never set, despite the fact when we arrived a little early here it was only 2 in the afternoon – the next day! So for me, the sun never set on may 17th, and today in the land of the Rising Sun it rose on the 19th.

Hopefully you are confused, so am I.

What is also confusing is this little place they call Tokyo. Some 20 million people jostling for space where there is little. On my first glance it seems like a confusing jumble buildings and roads. I met up with my friends with no problem and we are staying in a tower in the heart of the city. But this city seems to have a few hearts, so we areat least in one of them. I as able to stay awake long enough to get dinner and wander around some at night before collapsing in bed at about 10:00. Yup that’s right, 10:00. That was about 9 in  emorning East  coast time – THE NEXT DAY.

And the first night’s view from the hotel.