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Blade Runner Meets the Beaver

Tokyo, what can I say? This place is big and bizarre. Brash and yet oddly quiet. If you have seen the movie Blade Runner, you have a taste. If not, rent it, it’s great. There are countless parts of the city with buildings covered with 5-10 story video screens, huge advertisements, lights, neons, and signs of all shapes, sizes and colors. Yet walking the streets seem relatively quiet. People don’t talk loud. Rides on the extensive subway are odd for their quiet. No one uses a cell phone while on the trains. Not to say no one uses cell phones here, they are glued to them. But they do email and all kinds of other things, often transfixed for long periods of time.


There is a retro feeling about the place because everyone is so well behaved, polite and formal. And they dress so well, the men are always wearing suits by day. And then there are the lights. Hugh TV screens on every corner, screaming lights that more than make up for the relative silence of the city. I am not sure I have even heard a horn used yet. But the lights can’t be missed.


Food has been fun. Many restaurants have fake versions of the dishes they serve. The first night I had just taken a picture of the display in the window when we decided to go in and eat.  And since the menu was not in English I could not tell them what I wanted. So I brought the picture up on my camera screen and zoomed in to my dish, and bingo, instant communication. Technology has been a problem, but it can also help!

Enjoy your dinner. I enjoyed mine (bottom right).