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Meanwhile, Back in Tokyo…

The people keep cramming onto the subway.


They keep running around looking either all business or like a cartoon.


Or just plain hip!


Even though this is arguably the largest city on the world, so many things here are small. Like this bar called Forbidden Fruit I peaked into to grab this shot of the hip woman all alone in the tiny bar.

And while the city is busy being hip, cool and weird, it’s always efficient. The trains run like clockwork, the taxi cabs have automatic doors, there are always little voices speaking things softly in Japanese when walking into a store, or onto the elevator. Most doors in business and offices are automatic or you push a button were the doorknob would be and the door slides open. Just like Star Trek!

Even food is delivered efficiently. Like in this sushi place, where the food goes around on a conveyor and you pick what you want to eat.


It’s enough to make to make your head spin…


Which is a good reason to go up north into the mountains to the town of Nikko, with it’s serene temple complex of Toshu-gu set among the trees. But first you must walk by (not over) this historic red bridge called Shin-kyo, which dates back to 1636.


Of course I am like a kid in a candy store in theses temple complexes. And I could have a tantrum since photography is almost never allowed inside. But I mostly take it with Zen calm (and maybe sneak one if no one is looking).

Tomorrow it’s off to Kyoto, the cultural and spiritual heart of Japan.

But before I uh, go, take a look at this detail from the temple in Nikko. Looks like they are playing my favorite game – go!