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God Save the Queen

You might think Bangkok is a city filled of temples, monks and the like form my pictures, but nothing could be farther than the truth. In fact, it seems to be a city more of modernity and, well sex.

And have I mentioned they do love their king. He is always looking at you. Even in this downtown mall.

They have a very modern subway and this thing they call the Sky Train. Basically an elevated subway. Pretty cool. This is truly a city both in the first world and in the third world.

And of course it also has a robust Chinatown. Every self respecting city must have one. We’re still waiting in Durham.

Bangkok is not the prettiest thing in Asia, but apparently the women are, as this is a big destination for “sex tourists”. Basically scummy white, usually older, guys from Europe, Australia, and of course the good ol’e USA that take advantage of the poor and exploited women and kids. This woman and her kids were sitting at one of the many “go go” bars in town that cater to this white trash. She probably was getting ready to go in to work for the night. And no, along with the octopus, I didn’t try this either.

Of course, while near Chinatown I could not help poking into one of the Buddhist temples. And to my surprise I found this procession of monks.

And I also could not keep myself from popping into the local Buddha store as well.

And now I am in the northern city of Chiang Mai – so look out for more monks.