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Burning Man 2009 – Remembering the Future

Well you learned what Burning Man is from my post about our first burn in 2008. As we get ready to go again this year, here are some moments from last year. Be warned, this post is rated R for some nudity.

This was the last time we saw these tickets. Thankfully, the gatekeeper let us in.

The spirit of Black Rock City.

Wire art.

Slide art.

The Temple is always a special place.

In our home camp.

At the center of it all – the Man.

Isn’t she cute?

Star Wars on the Playa.

The people make the place.

Who dat?




Life is good.

Love blossoms on the Playa.

Umbrella dance.

The retro rocket.

Love the do.

Only at Burning Man.

All things are temporary.


Hi mom.







Skull art car.

Always playing with switches.

Two months before Halloween.

Our humble abode – we are Adam and Eve on the Playa.

The ever popular Critical Tits ride.

Bronzed goddess.

She is so happy.

So are they.

Elvis is always in the building.

Let the burn begin!





Look, she’s glowing!